A short thesis on time for checking testosterone levels in men

testosterone levels in men

Human body is one of the most complex creations in this living world. There are about more than billions of cells working and collaborating together to make the human daily functions. Besides the human functions that are carried out by cells, there are hormones also which are engaged in doing specific tasks. Adultness and upbringing is one of the most primary tasks that are taken by the hormone called as testosterone. After a certain time period, every human being comes to a starting of a stage called puberty. After this stage ends, the human being achieves and starts to have a lot of visible changes in his/her body. Testosterone is the primary hormone that is responsible for the adultness out of men and women.

What is testosterone and why is it?

Testosterone is one of the primary hormones in human body. You can check and go through your childhood photos or memories by yourself. You surely were not as tall as you are now. You surely didn’t think as you think and sort things out now. Testosterone is the direct answer to this glossary. You are now capable of thinking and managing things way better that you did in your childhood.

Testosterone is the direct answer to your adultness. Upbringing adultness is the direct answer to why is testosterone necessary. Your adultness has made you unique over others nearby you. It is the testosterone hormone that has made you stronger than your childhood time. Now you have effective muscle mass and have gained a good brain, which can think more instinctively that before. That is why you need testosterone. So think if you lack testosterone, what could happen right at now! Beside your adultness problems, you can suffer through lot of visual disabilities and physique that can even break your mind down to worse than you think.

Why should you check for testosterone level in your body intermittently?

testosterone levels in men

As human body is one of the most complex creatures in this world, it is literally not possible to look after each and every function. It would require more than years to go through your whole body functions and check if all of them are right or wrong. However, doctors and specialists have prioritized certain checkups, which are truly necessary for both men and women as daily/regular checkups. Testosterone hormone checkup is one of those.

Testosterone is the hormone for which, you are as you are now! Therefore, you have to look after this hormonal balance and be aware of any sort of distraction to this proportion. Predominantly, there are thousands of reasons why your testosterone levels might get hassled and your physical change won’t take time to notify you due to this testosterone misbalancing. That is why you have to go for regular checkups for testosterone hormone proportion in your body.

What is the best time for checking testosterone level?

Testosterone is measured in the unit of ng/dl (nanogram per deciliter). You cannot do this test at home because it requires special machines that will examine your blood. You have to go for a diagnostic center or to any doctor’s clinic where all the facilities are present for hormonal checkups. However all the doctors will do it just take a fingertip equivalent amount of blood from your veins through an injection and they can easily define your testosterone level report within an hour or two. But the timing for this test maters a lot to the magnitude of result.

The best time for checking your testosterone levels up is t the morning rigt after you wake up. On an average, the time would start from 8 am and end up at 11 am. But why so? This is because, after the whole daylong work, men return at home at night and at that time, the whole body becomes exhausted.  All your hormonal levels and their ratings go down due to daylong working on all your moving and static organs. But after a deep sleep, you get charged at all your body portions, from head to toe. This is the time when all your structural elements get the highest charge and you can have roper results right at this time. You can just leave the blood sample at your prospective diagnostic center and collect your reports after your all day work!


To make the best use of your own health and be proactive, you need to make sure that you are internally fit. In order to know so, you surely would like to know your hormonal statistics. There are different hormones working all together or separately in order to look at your different body pats and their respective functions. But testosterone is the most prominent hormone as this is the hormone making the best out of you as days are passing by. You are gaining knowledge more and more daily and coping up with everything. If you do not look after the hormone that is making you adult and looking over your adultness (which is testosterone), then certainly you might get troubled and fall into a grave danger!