How to increase testosterone levels in human body

Testosterone is one of the vital hormonal elements in human body and it is surely a must to know about how to increase testosterone levels in human body for your own good. Due to hundreds of reasons, testosterone level gets lowered and causes unexpected and traumatic bodily problems. We all know that human body is the most complex organism in this whole living world and it is comprised of thousands of functions running simultaneously. In this case, hormones are the working reagent and testosterone is one the vital ones.

Testosterone is literally the androgenic hormone that is produced from the testis in male and ovaries in female. However, this hormone is primarily responsible for the turning of an infant to a pure adult by time passing. In men, testosterone is what that causes beard to grow, muscles to plump, bone structure to harden, greater stamina growth etc. And in women, testosterone is what that causes breast to augment, hair to grow in unwanted places, skin to refurbish, hair to grow longer etc. Ultimately, it is testosterone hormone that is responsible for the ultimate adultness of a human being.

Why testosterone level gets lowered in human health:

how to increase testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone in human health and it might get lowered due to loads of reasons. The effect of this phenomenon is really atrocious as it harms the overall growth of a human health. Main reasons why testosterone levels get lowered in human health are-

  1. Eating of low vegetables; green vegetables especially,
  2. Too much anxiety and stress towards workloads and daily routines.
  3. Lack of vitamin D and other natural minerals necessary for physical and mental growth.
  4. Erratically eating habit.
  5. Intake of too much oily food often.

However, there are hundreds more reasons that cause testosterone level to get lowered in human body. But as there are causes to lower testosterone levels in human body, there are remedies too. Nowadays, natural and medical, both ways are availed by people suffering through this problem.

How to increase testosterone levels naturally in human health:

The best natural ways to increase testosterone level in human body are very easy to explain and comfortable to follow. If you are used with these habits, then you are sure to get relieved from your testosterone deficiency. But above all, remember that punctuality towards anything can make to win your goal. The best natural ways are-

  1. Weight loss: human weight majorly is comprised of body fat & bone mass. Body fat is the major drawback of both male and female. Whatever happens, try to maintain your weight unless you have any other hormonal imbalance of problems. Weight can make your problems grow sections. From losing memory to causing knee wreckages, weight loss can cause disastrous problems in human health. One problem causes another irrelevant problem and that is mainly why doctors prescribe to lower weight at any cost keeping balanced diet.You can easily maintain health through having a balanced diet at specific times and intervals in a day. Moreover, keep yourself aloof from oily foods, soft and hard drinks, beverages, fast foods, foods containing fats and butter, milk (to some extent), rich foods etc. It is chemically carbohydrates that you have to balance in your health and calories up to the mark a human health requires surviving a day ethically.
  2. Take Zinc: zinc is one of the major minerals required by human body in order to maintain testosterone levels in human body. It has been proved that almost 45% of the people aged above 60 and having hormonal problems encounter testosterone deficiency. In order to get relieved from this disaster, you have to consume plenty of zinc mineral. To do so, you have to maintain a balanced diet through a fixed amount of protein foods, yogurts, beans, raw milk etc.
  3. Physical exercises/ stamina acceleration: stamina is one of the main characteristics, which can differentiate you among thousands. Getting tired too easily isn’t a good symptom and might be one of the effects of lower testosterone level. This might be conquered through a disciplined physical exercise. It’s best if you practice it at the very dawn of a day. In addition to that, Yoga exercises at this time can also be a strong addition and aid to your testosterone deficit.
  4. Reduce your anxiety and stresses right now: you have to maintain your temper and remove all the anxiety form your mind. It’s natural that you cannot do it on spot right now but you have to start practicing to do so. In order to do so, you can start practicing yoga exercises to control your anger, temper and agility. In addition, you can have training to control your mind. To remove anxiety, you can sit down, relax and segregate all your upcoming works into segments for each day of a week.
  5. Take out sugar from your food list: try not to take a pinch of sugar or salt at any cost at such state. When your testosterone levels are low, you health becomes dizzy and at such time, taking sugar might cause to accelerate fat growth and cause greater deficit. Moreover, eating salt (sodium chloride) causes gallbladder to work unwontedly and secrete hormones. Therefore, it is mandatory to take sugar and salt hardly, otherwise, you won’t avail greater testosterone levels in your health.
  6. Only take healthy fats but in suitable proportion: No doubt but fats are the sources of energy beside protein. When we are used to take as less as possible foods daily, our retaining energy comes from the burning of fat which in turn causes weight loss at a great proportion. Therefore, it is highly recommended to fast intermittently and take green vegetables which have as less as possible fats. But necessary fats like grass fed meats, palm oil, unheated and organic nut oils, coconuts and its oil, almonds, pecans etc can help at a great stake to improve testosterone levels in human body.


At the end of the day, you certainly need to check your testosterone level if you are having natural problems for growing up normally. Testosterone levels play a vital role in building health and physique up. Therefore, before pursuing treatment, you have to gain knowledge on how to increase testosterone levels and then you can go for what’s needed stated above.

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