How to Naturally Increase Testosterone in Women ?

testosterone woman

Having a balanced level of testosterone helps women in many ways. It is not only in the bedroom, rather it is important for outside works to have a balanced level of testosterone in the body of a woman. All we know testosterone is generally associated with bone building and it is more relevant to the men. But the actual scenario is different. Increased level of testosterone in the body can help a woman especially when she grows older.

There are some postmenopausal effects found in common in all women. At those time muscle size starts squeezing and the bone becomes weak gradually. The situation become worse for the individual those having lack of adequate testosterone in their bodies! Without ensuring the proper level of testosterone in the body, a woman might suffer from osteoporosis at the postmenopausal period. To get rid out of the situation, there is only one way and that is increasing the testosterone level. But how to do is the prime question. Yes, that can be done naturally by obtaining some proper and a meaningful lifestyle.

As a woman, these are the things you need to have to increase the testosterone level in your body.

  • Some protein sources that is full of quality.
  • Ginseng
  • Vitamin sources (B6)
  • Some good fats that can work positively over your metabolism system!
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C

Here are the steps that you can follow to gradually increase the testosterone level. Take a look. 

First Step:

Even though your diet contains protein sources, try to add some more. Consume some sort of protein in every meal. Not all sources of protein are good. But you can try cold-water fish, tofu, poultry, legumes and nuts. You can also consume some red meats too but stick to a limit. Excessive consumption of protein is not good at all.

Second Step:

You can add some herbal supplement as ginseng. You can get it from tea, or even in capsule form. You can even get it from nutritional juicy supplements. According to the science, ginseng works as the adaptogen for our body to balance our sex hormones by hypothalamus gland stimulation. From the alternative medicine referees, a person should consume around 400 milligrams ginseng on a regular basis. You can learn more about from different medical textbook. It is good to discuss with your doctor before start taking this supplement to ensure your body metabolism system doesn’t have any adverse reflection upon its injection.

Third Step:

Fat has effects over your body undoubtedly. Excessive fat injection is not good at all though it is suggested to intake some good fats. Olive & peanut oils are the good sources of getting that. You can eat avocados & fatty fishes. You can add some fish-oil supplement in your diet too. To increase the generation of testosterone in your body, these fat sources can play the key roles. Those fat sources can work as caloric need suppliers for your body. It is good to fill-up twenty-five percent of caloric necessities from those mentioned fat sources.

Fourth Step:

Control the alcohol consumption and bring that to the lower limit. Alcohol has adverse effects on numbers of hormonal processes of the human body. The situation is even worse for a female body. Know your limit is not more than a glass of red wine in a single day. Strong alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Fifth Step:

Have sex at least once in a week. This works great to maintain your testosterone level naturally. This is something that works both for men and women. If you remain out of sexual activity for a period of one week or more, eventually the testosterone level of your body will drop down sharply. It’s a proven truth that has medical evidence.

Sixth Step:

Don’t forget to add zinc and magnesium in your regular diet. One other thing is important too, and that is vitamin B6. You can have that in supplemental form. All those three things will help you to retain the testosterone level and will develop your immune system. Moreover, the capacity of building muscle will be enhanced. Eventually, your mental alertness will be improved too.

Seventh Step:

Adding Vitamin C to your diet is crucial. That can be added from supplemental form too. If you have no other physical complications, it is good to keep the vitamin C consumption level around 1200 milligrams per day.  There are few enzymes works adversely to stop the natural generation of testosterone in the body. By adding Vitamin C to your diet, you can easily mitigate the effect of those enzymes.

Here are some warnings to remember while you are in the process of increasing testosterone level.

  • Unless you are prescribed by your doctor, don’t take steroids. Steroids are good to increase muscle quickly, but it is not a healthy process at all.
  • Don’t intake excessive Vitamin A as it has some proven adverse effects.