Solutions for women regarding high testosterone level

testosterone in women

Testosterone is one of the prime hormones that are present in both, males and females. In male, this hormone is produced from the adrenal glands and testes whereas, in women, the testosterone hormone is produced from their respective adrenal glands and ovaries. This is the primary hormone that makes out the perfect woman out of a baby or a under aged girl. To monitor the level of this hormone at saturation level is one of the prime medical tasks for an adult female. Due to a lot of cases and traumatic hassles, this hormone level gets imbalanced and therefore, a lot of problems show off their results. But as any other problems in this world, the testosterone hormonal imbalance in women has also different approaches to its solutions!

What are the problems in women that cause due to testosterone deficit?

Due to the scarcity of testosterone in females, a lot of problems arise like hair loss, skin acne, depression, irregular menstruation, unnecessary anxiety towards almost everything, etc. These can also be regarded as the pre problem symptoms for females. The most generic characteristics that arise out of this problem are unnecessary and excessive hair growth and skin paling. Second most important problem that has to be taken care of is the cessation of the women menstruation periods. Irregular and excessive menstruation is certainly one of the worse outcomes of testosterone imbalance.

Some of the best solutions regarding women testosterone level controls:

women testosterone

For women, there are different approaches for solving the testosterone imbalance problem. This hormone level can be lower or higher according to different sort of problems. Therefore you are always advices to check if the hormone level is way higher than normal or lower than required! Some of the best approaches for this problem are-

  1. Glucocortico Steroids: This is one of the medics that can be taken for hormonal balancing. This steroid is only advised in case of excessive hormonal growth in the adrenal glands and ovaries in female. Once or twice time taking of this steroid for a continuous month or two can directly calm the glands down and deter unnecessary hormonal growth.
  2. Metformin: Metformin is also another oral approach towards reducing the excessive hormonal production in female. This is the primary element for controlling the type-2 diabetes in female but it also decelerates the higher production of testosterone hormone in female ovaries. Keeping diabetes at a continuous and smooth pace, this can also help in balancing testosterone in women if they are suffering form excessive testosterone.
  3. Oral contraceptives/ Birth control pills: Although birth controls pills have negative side effects on women but to a great extent, this oral medic can help you out in case of excessive testosterone imbalance. When you are feeling that you are suffering from too much anxiety and is sure about your hormonal imbalance, hen you can go for a course of oral contraceptive with a proper consultation from a doctor. It directly aids towards alopecia, medically this term is responsible for male paternal hair growth in female. You can surely control this factor. Also this solution approach can help you to get hair loss retrieval and hirsuitism.
  4. Change in habitat/lifestyle: most of the women in the world, about 50-55%, who suffers from testosterone imbalance are naturally due to self made problems like overweight, unnecessary beverage maintenance, excessive diet controlling, etc. these can lead to serious imbalance in the adrenal glands and ovaries in female. Therefore, if you can maintain a healthy diet and control your overall weight for a good time, you are sure to have no problem regarding hormonal imbalance.

Ways to be cautions about testosterone imbalance:

There are certain ways following which, you can surely achieve the goal of having proper hormonal proportion in your body. Human body has different types of hormones among which, testosterone is one of the primary ones. Some of the hormones are responsible for maintaining the food metabolism, some of the hormones are responsible for brain and mind development, some of them are busy making you adult (which is called as testosterone) etc. But to maintain each and every of them is the main task in this regard. Some key points are-

  1. You have to maintain a healthy yet balanced diet. Neither you should go for stomach filling foods nor you should leave it empty by just taking liquids/ fruit juices. You should be ware of taking balanced proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins etc.
  2. Make sure that you go through physical movement or exercises on a daily basis. Womanly exercising can help you to beat breast cancer, arthritis and different other diseases in the long run.
  3. Make sure that you keep away from smoking and drinking high alcoholic beverages. This raises imbalance in androgenic functions at a great rate.


To make your health perfectly balance in terms of hormones, you have no other way than maintaining your food habits and exercising. Although, many women by birth possess different sorts of problems but there are solutions! All you have to do is to look for the cure than worrying about the problem you are having due to higher testosterone imbalance.