Testosterone Levels By Age

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Studies have shown that testosterone play a great role in energy, sex drive, and behavior. For this reason, an alteration in testosterone level will lead to another issue. Nevertheless, it is an aspect of aging. Testosterone remains an amazing hormone with the capability to regulate sex drive, promote muscle mass, control sperm production, human behavior, and increase energy. For this reason, any decrease in testosterone levels will lead to a stir. Is your quest for testosterone levels by age? Reading through the rest part of the will help you discover the full details of testosterone values by age.

Something you should know about Testosterone Levels By Age

Testosterone Levels By Age

During pregnancy, the testosterone helps to shape the developing fetus. It also helps to drive the growth of the male development system. With testosterone, the brain is masculine. For the brain of the fetal to be healthy, testosterone values have to fall to a very small margin. Autism is one of the main causes of high values of fetal testosterone. Low values of fetal testosterone are also likely lead to a high chance of catching Alzheimer’s disorder later in life.

From research and feasibility study, it is clear that testosterone levels usually become highest when people are in the adolescent to early adulthood age. The first symptom of the presence of testosterone can be found during puberty. You will see a boy’s shoulders broaden and voice changes. You will also discover that his facial appearance looks more masculine. When a man gets older, the levels of testosterone will drop by one percent every year after age thirty.

Studies have shown that testosterone is called the fountain of youth hormone. The truth is that the natural declining levels of testosterone may not cause aging. When your testosterone levels drop, there is every possibility to experience alterations in sexual performance. This includes fewer spontaneous erections, low libido or reduced sexual desire, infertility, impotence and just to mention a few.

There are other signs related to low testosterone levels. This can be found in the likes of emotional changes, alterations in sleep styles, lack of motivation, low self-confidence, minimized muscle strength and bulk and, increased body fat, and minimized bone density. There is a given value that marks the appropriate healthiness of testosterone in the human body. A healthy man should measure about 280-1,100 ng/dL.

It is important to know that testosterone values affect women too. Women are highly responsive to androgens than their men counterpart. Nevertheless, the testosterone values in women vary with certain conditions. The normal range is 15- 70 ng/dL.

The estrogen level of a woman will drop when she gets to menopause. This will indirect enable the androgen levels get increased. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is also sure to also raise the levels of testosterone. When there are too much of androgens in women, you may experience some complications. This can be found in the likes of facial hair growth, absent or irregular menses, acne, infertility and just to mention a few. The lack of testosterone can as well cause other problems. This can be found in the likes of weak bones and fertility problems.

The signs explained in this article are considered normal aspects of aging and can as well several underlying factors. This can be found in the likes thyroid gland disorders, excessive alcohol use, depression and just to mention a few. With all these health complication, a patient may become older in appearance and age.


From the whole points in this article, it is clear that testosterone reduces with age. You can find a clear picture in men. When a man is above the age of 30, the testosterone levels will begin to decrease by one perfect. However, testosterone levels increase or decrease may not affect aging.

It can only affect sexual and other cogent parts of your life. Testosterone in the form of androgens can as well vary in women. It is a good idea to eat food with high testosterone to keep the balance updated. To be on the safe side, you can always contact your physician for the best testosterone product to use. This will help you to get the best results alongside your age. Your medical expert can as well help you to discover more facts about testosterone levels by age. You can always give it a try now.