Testosterone Levels in Females!

Testosterone Levels in Females

Many times it happens when a woman sees ‘low your testosterone’ they consider it as a men’s message. But is it really true! No, it is not. Testosterone is important for both men and women. It is important to mention that these testosterone issues are more important for a woman than a man from a cynical perspective. But what should be the level of testosterone of a woman is a matter to figure out.

Yes, an excessive level of testosterone in a woman body can bring problems like male pattern development in the form of hair growth in faces, stiff muscle growth, clitoris enlargement etc. On the other hand, lacking of adequate testosterone in the body can weaken the bone at the late 40’s. Besides it can bring postmenopausal abnormalities too. This is why keeping a balanced level of testosterone in the body is essential.

But before making a dive for understanding these issues in more deep, it is important to know the precise reasons behind ‘why women should have balanced testosterone level. Here are the prime reasons-

  • To maintain a better sexual life
  • To keep the bones healthy and efficient
  • To develop pain toleration level
  • For preserving cognitive health

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to manage time to diagnose your testosterone level. This is a bitter truth for women. This is why it is good to know few ways by how you can understand something is missing. Now I will show you some situations that can endorse the presence of ‘low testosterone level’ in your body.

Excessive fatigue & exhaustion

If you remain tired continuously, there is a chance you are lacking adequate testosterone in your body. In those cases, women feel tired even after a full night good sleep. Sometimes you might find it difficult to sleep well at night. Even though you don’t perform any kind of physical works, still your body feels tiredness all through the hours.

Gaining more weight and finding it difficult to lose some

Lacking sufficient testosterone can result in obesity according to numbers of medical research. If you start gaining weight quickly and find it really hard to reduce the weight even after an everyday workout, take it as a signal of lacking proper testosterone limit in your body. Women often gain weight in the middle part of their life, precisely when they are at the middle of the forties. So while revealing the insufficiency of testosterone, considering the age is crucial.

Losing interest in sexual intercourse

One of the most significant symptoms of testosterone lacking is, you will lose interest in having sexual intercourse with your partner. This scenario appears mostly during the postmenopausal period. Two things can happen at that age. One, you have the limited drive to have sex. Two, you feel vaginal dryness that makes your sex intercourse painful. So while having a problem of that kind, try to discuss with your doctor and allow your doctor to address the testosterone lacking issue.

Excessive mood swing stops at low mood most of the time

Low testosterone level has direct impacts over moods. After 40’s women faces excessive mode swing problem and most of the time they remain in dull mode. If any particular thing please their mind to the utmost level, that doesn’t persist long as they back to the low mode within a moment. Excessive mode swing results in depression and that eventually put a negative impact on the overall effectiveness of real life activities.


This is another problem that appears from depression. Depression kills time and, therefore, a woman fall in the rush to achieve milestones what they do successfully in random.

Finding it difficult to concentrate

Concentration is the key to performance. Lacking testosterone results in nominal concentration while working that lead to ‘no work has done’ at the end of the day.

Hair loss

This is one of the visible symptoms of testosterone lacking. Women start losing plenty of hair when they lack having sufficient testosterone in their body. Even if you have ample amount of hair in your head, it is not sure those will persist once the testosterone level will start decreasing.

So what is the testosterone level that a woman should keep! The fact is there is no precise answer to this question as it varies from woman to woman. Medical texts refer this testosterone level as a much-individualized issue. Doctors usually don’t like hormone replacement technique as a remedy to adjust testosterone level in the women body. There is evidence that few doctors prescribing women some tips to enhance the testosterone level, but often they remain in the dilemma. This is because there are ample chances to discover the adverse effect as a potential threat to the therapy. So it is always suggested to stay within the borderline of natural testosterone adjustment.