The average testosterone level in men (change that happens in 50 years old male)

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Half of the total population on this planet earth is filled with men. Both men and women are made up of certain human characteristics. Individually, all the men and women have their unique characteristics and distinguishing qualities! But what are the factors that make them unique and different from one another? What is the base from where they receive unique change that differs from one person to another? The simple answer to that question is the human hormone called as testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the production of testosterone from the adrenal glands, which makes out the certain distinguishing qualities in individual men and women.

In both, men and women, the level of testosterone hormone fluctuates a bit but gradually decreases due to aging. However, the most and prominent change happens to changing a lot at the age of 50 in men. Out and out, this content will concentrate on the testosterone level in men at different ages.

Testosterone level changing behavior due to aging:

Testosterone is the hormone that produces and secretes from the adrenal glands in men. At the time of puberty, this hormone starts to produce more and more. This is the time when a boy turns out to be adult gradually. After the puberty, the man starts to have better sex drive till the age of 30. After the age of 30 in men, the testosterone level tends to decrease 1-2% every year. This is the overall statistics about the testosterone levels in human body.

The unit of measuring testosterone level in human body:

The measuring unit of testosterone level in human body is ng/dl (nanogram per deciliter). However, different countries also use another unit for measuring testosterone levels, which is nmol/L (nanomole per liter). The first one is generic and is accepted in most of the countries worldwide. If you go for any blood test and search for the testosterone levels result, you can even figure yourself out the results of your hormonal statistics through this unit.

The natural levels of testosterone in human body at different ages:

Human body is the most complex creature that has ever been built. This tremendous creation is changing each and every second it is passing due to thousands of different inbuilt process or functions. Testosterone level is one of the meters in human body that reflects the puberty and adultness of both male and female. However, the normal testosterone levels in men are shortly denoted below for your better knowledge-

testosterone level in men

You can see from the chart that the testosterone level rises up till the age of 30-35 in men and starts decreasing from this stage. Another point noted from this chart is that, the testosterone level becomes a bit stable yet less in amount at the age of 50 in men. This is a common characteristic of testosterone level in men.

How can you challenge your testosterone deficiency?

Generally, millions of people all over the world are suffering from testosterone deficiency. Due to a lot of factors like weather, conditional, food, causal, inheritance, etc. reasons, many people are having testosterone imbalance problem with aging. However, there are treatments to deal with this hitch. One of the best yet easiest ways of having this problem solved is the TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). This is the therapy that causes the victim to replace the overall immune system with a pure therapy of artificial implants, gels, mouth patches, injections etc. Through this process, a lot of people has already been served and are living happily for their rest of the lives.

Why TRT for a 50 year old men in case of testosterone deficit?

For a 50-year-old man, testosterone imbalance can easily cause to accelerate other interconnected problems. This can even cause to raise the blood pressure, which will in turn accelerate the possibility of having heart attach. Therefore, a treatment is always expected and obviously a fruitful one. The TRT process is the best proves for a 50-year-old man having testosterone deficit problem. The TRT process can cause to increase muscle strength and increase the muscle elasticity, improve sex drive even at this age, decreases the risk of heart attack at a great percentage, helps to have better and timely sleep patterns and many other positive ones.


Testosterone is the one and only hormone that brings you out of your childhood into the adult life. This is the portion of your bodily function that requires perfect surrounding. But due to a lot of problems and aging, the hormonal surrounding becomes too much clumsy and untidy. This is where you have to maintain your hormonal production and make sure that it is perfectly smooth and hassle free.