The relationship between Testosterone and Zinc in human body

testosterone and zinc

Human body is the greatest complex creature in this living world. No other living or non-living object is as complex as human body in terms of function and structure. As for being this complex, there are certainly a lot of functions running 24 X 7 which are led by different bodily materials like hormones, enzymes, DNAs, blood and other secretes, etc. the perfect collaboration, permutation and combination of those different matters keep our daily lives going.

Among hundreds of different important matters of human body, testosterone and zinc are two of the most essential ones. This article is solely concentrating on the importance of testosterone and zinc in human body and will surely describe about their relationship in very short yet prominently!

What is testosterone?


Testosterone is allegedly the most important hormone in human health. This is the part of liquid that secretes from adrenal glands and helps to breach the manly/womanly specialties individually. Testosterone levels starts to move on fast while in puberty period for both men and women. After a certain time of puberty (to be more specific, when puberty ends), individual human being ends up receiving with all their individual qualities with different voice tone, manly behavior or womanly behaviors; manly or womanly voice pitch etc. Predominantly, this is the hormone that makes you adult with all your specific adult qualities.

What is Zinc?


Zinc is chemically one of the most important substances that lie in the periodic table. Its atomic number is 30 and forms many of the minerals. Precisely, zinc is one of the most important dietary minerals that human are taking in the form of different foods and fruits. This is the substance that causes to strengthen all our physical structure in accordance with calcium.

Why zinc and testosterone for human body?

Zinc and testosterone are both truly necessary and to some cases, mandatory for human body. Testosterone is the internal hormone that helps to possess all the human characteristics as time passes by. On the other hand, zinc is the mineral that helps for having better hormonal structure and physical structure as well. Both of them are very necessary. It’s like one for another. There are grave relationships in between these two!

Relationship between testosterone and zinc in human body:

Human body is the most complex system in his living world. As there are thousands of functions running at the same time, testosterone and zinc are two of the most important reactants that are causing to happen different mandatory bodily functions. Testosterone hormone secretes from the adrenal glands. This is the hormone that is responsible for having men and women characteristics like effective muscle mass, increased health performance, libido improvement, performing sex drive, low anxiety etc. For all sorts of positive alignment of human body, testosterone is the vital element.

But how testosterone can be created without any sort of discrepancy or hassle? Zinc is the pinpoint answer to this dispute! Zinc is one of the most important mineral that human intakes as dietary supplement. But this supplement/element causes to improve human immune system through proper cell division. This is the turnkey function to promote testosterone production in the adrenal glands. Adrenal glands lie in both male and females. This is the hormone-manufacturing factory in human body whose one of the primary requirements is Zinc!

Zinc enriched foods that should be put in your daily food chart:

Testosterone is one of the hormones that isn’t directly eatable but all you can do about it is to promote its manufacturing. In that case, you’ll require putting high dosage of zinc enriched food intake in your food list without any hassle. You can either get a nice prescription from a doctor or even can go for an optimum amount of zinc per meal or day. However, the foods that are highly rich with zinc mineral are- pork, beans, chicken, yogurt, oatmeal, crab, beef etc. Make sure that you are not only eating these zinc-enriched minerals but also other vitamins at the same pace. This is one sort of chain reaction, which requires to be maintained perfectly and of course in parallel.


Human body is like a mega-factory where loads of different functions are going on at the same time at different pace. But the testosterone is one of the most vital ones as this helps you to turn into an adult. If you are suffering from low testosterone levels in your body due to adrenal glands problems, then different problems will start to breach out one by one. But this problem can certainly dealt by a through check and perfect maintenance of zinc mineral in your body. But make sure that you maintain a balanced diet leaving all the high cholesterol foods, junk foods, high maintenance of alcoholic liquors etc. to maintain the perfect relationship between your testosterone hormone and zinc mineral, you’ll certainly require to maintain balanced diet and go through a few sets of physical exercises!