What are the things that you should know about free testosterone?

free testosterone

Free testosterone is one of the vital hormones cum elements of human body. From our head to toe, it has several functions that help to breach out the specific features or characteristics of human nature. In order to get acquainted with free testosterone, we need to know what it is, if it has different names or not, why you should require to test about your free testosterone level and many other things.

What is free testosterone?

free testosterone

Free testosterone is a part of the testosterone hormone in human body. It has another name referred as free T-index. Naturally, human testosterone has two different protein segments, which are called as the albumin and globulin. The globulin is the part, which looks after the puberty or the growing up of male and female up to adults. This is the part that is so called as the free testosterone.

This part of human body is literally important as this helps to breach out all the male and female characteristics.  For an example, in case of male- this portion of testosterone helps to make out beard and underarm hairs. On the other side, in case of females, it helps to improve the voice pitch, make females breasts to grow big etc.

Why should you check for free testosterone levels in your body?

To be very specific and precise, having tests on each and every segments of human body is necessary. But as all cannot be done at once but to prioritize them accordingly, the free testosterone levels check comes at way top level. This is the hormone that plays with human body from the very beginning of puberty. However, lack of sufficient free testosterone in human health can cause different problems. To over come those problems you’ll require to be acquainted with the symptoms first and then search for the cure.

Symptoms seen in men due to lack of free testosterone:

Free testosterone causes to make the perfect male out of every male. However, lack to this hormone can cause different imbalances in your body. For examples-

  1. Depression is one of the vital outcomes of the scarcity of free testosterone. This can cause not only total nervous breakdown but also can cause to increase blood pressure unknowingly.
  2. Pure muscle mass can get decreased rapidly during the time interval of puberty.
  3. Lack of energy or continuous fatigue can be a major issue in this matter.
  4. Men lose concentration to certain important things and behave like a vagabond in every decision of life.

Symptoms observed in women in scarcity of free testosterone:

Women are no different in terms of symptoms due to the lack of free testosterone. However, the major symptoms observed in females in times of free testosterone lack are-

  1. Irregular menstruation is one of the prime outcomes of having low free testosterone levels in female. Maximum and too much irregular behaviors or menstruation can even cause infertility as long-term effect.
  2. Women generally love to keep their hair long. But if their hair is becoming thin gradually and is losing hair due to unknowing falling, then it surely is one of the symptoms of low free testosterone level.
  3. Checking blood sugar of females during every post menstruation is highly recommended. But free testosterone scarcity can easily cause high blood sugar without any pre-notice.

Why free testosterone levels go down in human body:

There are different things that we do in our daily live but are not aware if all of them are correct or not. For men, drinking too much alcohol directly causes this problem. Additionally, too much smoking kills sperm count. In case of females, excessive and unnecessary diet and keeping aloof from healthy vegetables can cause this problem.

If you are not having any birth problems, then its only you that have damaged your own testosterone levels. Therefore, it’s high time you’ve secured your own future and live a healthy, happier and safe life.

The way of checking free testosterone level in human body:

For both male and female, checking of free testosterone level is highly important. As this is the part that will help to maintain your future family expansions, you should be aware if you are well capable of having children with strong fertility. The easiest way of checking your free testosterone level is a blood test. All the doctor will do is just pin your finger-top with a very small yet sharp needle and take blood from your vein. After the analysis of this sample, you’ll get all your results.


Free testosterone levels vary time to time and due to the things we do daily and eat. We all have to maintain a very strict yet balanced diet that includes different nutritious foods. At the same time, we all have to be aware of leaving all the bad habits like smoking, too much anxiety about everything, leave maintaining alcoholic beverages etc. if you can help yourself right now; then surely you can help your future too!